Well, I was feeling grumpy because I didn't manage to win the first round of my Transformer - will have to double down on determination.

Now I am feeling grateful because I opened up box of sweaters and long-sleeved tops from last winter, and NSV! Finding several that, hey, aren't tight any more - some that are downright loose - and a couple that are definitely too darn big, so they go into the pile for the Mennonite resale shop. Yay!

I'm grateful for the Fitbit challenge that kept me on track Monday-Wednesday (and hoping for a break in the rain to get my sister & sisters-in-law out for a walk after dinner).

I'm grateful for Dietbet, and the helpful, supportive people I've found here.

I'm grateful that my lovely and charming step-daughter is here for the holiday. She's grown into such a smart, funny, kind person. It's a joy to be with her (I might not have said that when she was entering her teens...).

Today's theme is moderation; started the day with a banana and a protein bar, and I have my big glass of ice water at hand.