35 degrees in Tokyo.

The terrible cycle is here (women should get a bonus for losing with The terrible cycle drama)

I went out this morning to the supermarket and had no intention to go out again in the afternoon.

I was so tired and soar after rushing there.

But after her nap,  MiniMe brought me my shoes in the kitchen as I was drinking tea!

She had put hers on (only one) by herself and was "telling me" let's go out.

So out we went for a bicycle ride looking for new shoes for her and accessories for me in different places.

Did not find anything but it was great!

I love her so much.

After putting her to bed I danced and streched a little.

I ate carbs free chocolate several time today but have been good on my no rice, pasta, flour deal.

Just hope to lose at least 1kg this week!