I can do this

Ada G.

12/03/2015 5:17PM
12/3 I am LOVING the food scale right now!!! So this is a real serving? No wonder I am so heavy. 2 oz of cheese (my weakness) is not a lot! In the past I think I was averaging 4-6 servings at a time. Yikes! +'s for the day: woke up in time to get 30 on the elliptical, measured out all meals today even though I went over on my carb allotment tonight, will do elliptical again tonight. -'s: went over on carbs, but had good blood sugar #s during the day, struggling with negative worries, caught sight of my upper body profile and became blue/frustrated/demeaning to myself. ^ thoughts: I AM doing this, it is working, and people are noticing. And I love the blog diary :)

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