3/4  Actually game #4 Transformer started back on Jan 1 but I was in the middle of some other Kickstarters so, yeah.

A lot has happened since I last checked in.

#1 = my A1C is now 5.4.  The lowest in my diabetic history.  A number I am truely proud of.  I checked in at 9.8 in August 2015.  I was surprised that I haven't felt carb deprived MOST days.  Searching for and eliminating added sugars in the family's food has greatly helped I think.  We have made the conscious decision to eat "real" food.  It has been a slow change, but a sustainable one I think.

#2 = I spent $ on myself.  I just don't normally do that unless I HAVE to.  This time I rewarded myself for the above accomplishment by buying 3 new-to-me pants in my new size 18.  I can still wear my old size 22 pants in public without a belt, but I do find myself constantly hiking the pants up during the day.  I can put an arm inside the waisteband.  In some pants, I can put 2 arms inside the waisteband.  I will donate my 3 largest fitting 22's back to Goodwill.  I thought about keeping 1 pair of my largest pants to be able to see my progress, but honestly, I can do that at the store, like I did the first time I found out I could now wear 18's.  I tried on a 22, a 20, and an 18.  And who needs to keep that kind of baggage around?

#3 = Today was my lowest weight since Nov 25, 2015.  217.4  Is this the start of another deline?  Have I finally busted thru the plateau?  I know the doctor said plateaus are needed to reset the body but they are God aweful to mentally deal with.  If I am actually dropping again on my own, I am reluctant to fill the Rx for phentermine.  HUbby is right, there is something amazingly cool knowing that this weight loss is 100% me (well, not really since I am on insulin and Invokana).  Ok, 100% mentally me.

#4 = New Life Hiking Spa in September!  I am going to a spa!  For a week!  To help lose more weight!  I really am looking forward to this.  Alone time with my mom in Vermont.  I am going to spend more $ money on us since she is footing this bill.  I want to try out multiple types of massage and spa treatments.

#5 = Con #1:  I don't know how to buy shirts.  Pants are easy, shirts are not.  I have only considered getting new shirts because I am starting to feel the need for new bras.  I hate bra shopping too.  Why do I need new pants when I don't need new panties?  How is that?  Or am I in denial and I need new panties too?

#6 = Con #2:  I am starting to like my face again in the mirror but my body profile still betrays me.  I still look so fat.  What the fuck did I look like before?!  I can see the changes in my skin and bones but my gut is still sitting on my lap.  Am I going to need skin removal surgery?  I don't like the idea of that.  I see my Grandmother when I see my gut.  Skinny everywhere except there.  An apron of fat over the pubis.  It is getting smaller but there is no tone.  Will it become a flap of skin when the fat is gone?  Will the fat be gone?  I find myself touching my collar bones, like Pirwaki, and rib cage under my breasts.  Nice!  And then the never disappearing blob of gut.  blug.

#7 = Thoughts:  I read somewhere that healthy habits is just replacing "bad" addictions with "good" addictions.  I don't like thinking I am addicted to anything.  I know I am to food.  I just don't enjoy the thought of being addicted to Dietbet.  yuck.  I am feeling better about myself.  I am feeling stronger.  I am enjoying the conversations that are happening at home with the hubby and kids regarding food, exercise, and health.  I know this is a long slow journey.