I can do this

Ada G.

12/08/2015 9:22AM
12/8 Just not really hungry today even though I must eat. It's 10 am and I just now ate half my breakfast (yummy sweet potato - need to do THAT more often). I was kind of stressed out by what I was going to eat today since I have to work late. But I actually had some planned out leftovers in the fridge I had forgotten about so now I am ok! Do I dare mention I am .3 lbs away from goal? I am so thankful to have this forum to be able to talk about nothing but food and weight as I get scared to talk about it with "outsiders". lol I don't want "them" to hold me accountable - just my peeps who are in the trenches with me! +'s for the day: the insulin change seems for the better. not feeling so low. My shirt feels extra baggy. I did 20 minutes on the machine this am, even when I felt like sleeping. I pooped! -'s for the day: still frustrated by the pants. We are enemies. FEAR. I must conquer it! Fear of success. Who knew? Actually I have know about it for quite some time....

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