I can do this

Ada G.

12/09/2015 7:47AM
12/9 having a CRAP day. It is starting to feel like I won't ever be able to eat out of the house and infront of other people again, 'cuz when I do, I just GAIN. I even brought my own food for f*** sake. A handful of popcorn cannot be the cause of a 2 lbs gain. And I did the elliptical for 49 flippin' minutes after getting home at 8:15 ish. I am having a hormonal food pity party, care to join? ^ thoughts for the day: I drank my water challenge yesterday. I brought my planned food. I worked out. I will do it again today. Drink water. Eat planned food. Walk with JD. We already know that the diabetes will make this challenge difficult. Hense the word ... challenge! Others are dealing with worse things (parents dying) that they really have no control over. I have control over my health. My blood sugars are doing fantastic! Cannot wait to see the next A1C. And did I feel a difference in the waist line of my pants today?...

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