I can do this

Ada G.

12/10/2015 9:25AM
“People always ask me, “Don’t you miss pizza and stuff like that?” That’s kind of like asking someone who plays in a band if they miss watching TV. No, motherf****r, I’m playing in a band. I didn’t watch CSI: Cleveland tonight because we recorded a f*****g album. I don’t miss pizza because we’re all obsessing on getting our weight perfect.” - Penn Jillette Best quote of the day! 12/10 started my period today and I am feeling awesome! I am going to believe today that that is the cause of my 2 lbs "bloat" and cause of my 3 cookie cave-in this morning. Pants are feeling good. Need to work on the water thang. Blood sugars were great in the past 24 hours. Walked with JD last night and saw 6 deers; swore they were stalking us! lol All right all right all right! Pity party is officially over! Let's get 'er done!

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