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02/10/2016 10:29PM
Ms. Marcie, what do you do if no one joins your diet bet? Do they cancel it, or do you just do it by yourself?Denise

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Thank you for the information about yourself. You look so serious in your picture, I was afraid to join, but the ladies, in other bets, recommended you, so I thought I would join your bet.


Hi DeeBSlim - if you set up your own dietbet and noone joins I am not sure what happens - if you click on the help button or write support@dietbet.com they can tell you. Thank you for the feedback about my picture - I will have to get one with a bigger smile!!! Is that my profile picture you are referring or the before/after picture on my bet pages? I am happy to hear I got some recommendations, I like to think my games are interactive, fun and full of good information! I will be running games monthly - which one were you planning to join (I am currently hosting 2, one of them just started this past sunday, the other a week earlier. I promise you I am not scary at all :-)

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