After 3 years of participating (and doing some hosting) in dietbet and keeping off the 60 pounds I lost, I am going to start coaching other dietbetters - so excited! I really love DietBet and the supportive community it provides to encourage weight loss. It has really worked for me!  I can't even count the number of games I have played in. I am now in the beta maintainer game but have been using dietbet as a maintenance tool for years - to me it is a health insurance policy and I so enjoy the community aspect.  I allow myself a normal 5 pound maintenance range which occassionally I go above - especially after a big vacation or the Christmas and New Year holidays which are coming right up!  So I hope to see a lot of you in my first higher stakes game: NEW YOU - Lose Weight with Marcie!

A little bit about me and my approach.  While I am currently a Senior Manager in the technology field, I am also studying to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Wellness is my passion, and my goal is to coach others to not only lose weight but also to learn how to transition to healthier eating and/or to manage food allergies or food sensitivies.  I have pervasive degenerative joint disease (osteo arthritis) which after finding a wonderful functional medicine doctor, have learned to control through what I eat and consistent exercise. I had to significantly change how I eat, both to keep my weight off and to manage the pain in my joints.  I want to help others do the same!

I am here to encourage and educate and provide strong support as people start/continue their wellness and weight loss journeys. I love to share individualized approaches, recipes and healthy strategies for the challenges life continually throws at us.

Come join me - let's build a new supportive, fun, successful weight loss group! Our January game can be found here: