I am amazed at the comraderie of people that have only just "met" through the games.  It is refreshing to see that people actually WANT other people to Lose, in which this case means WIN.

In one of the challenges I signed up for, the pot is over $100,000.  That is incredible in that there are so many people that are trying to make their lives better by getting healthier.  I'm sure a few are there for the money, but there are always a few people that are doing things for their own reasons.  And, that is up to them.  I am in 2 other challenges and in one of the them the moderator (Marcie) is just an awesome person that is so helpful and encouraging that I want to stick with her in other challenges until I get this weight off. 

So, Day 2 now.  Yesterday I went to the gym and got in 4 miles on the treadmill.  I found I can walk as fast as I can run.  That means that I am a very FAST walker or a very SLOW runner.  I've always said I was a "plodder". LOL.  In any case, I enjoyed it and followed it up with about an hour in the pool.  That's why we joined that particular gym, for the pool.

One of my best friends from many years is doing a challenge with me and she has already lost 6 pounds!  That is amazing and I'm so proud of her. Being on prednisone and trying to lose weight is a big challenge!

I had Subway chicken 6 inch sub yesterday from the "fit" menu.  I don't think I could do without Subway, sometimes I just need to eat out.  Inexpensive and good for you, what is better than that.  And, GNC has protein powder on sale this week, so that was another stop.

The bottom line is that I have all the tools to do this:  the support, the friends, the gym, the healthy food.  So, if I fail it will be my fault, but hey I'M NOT GOING TO FAIL!