02/02/2016 4:23AM
I really like your observation about the support on DietBet. I think people who are just in it for the money are going to be disappointed. The real purpose is to lose weight and gain healthy habits. Have I made money along the way? Yes I have and that is great. And it is really great that if you win you are guaranteed to at least win your initial bet amount back (even if DietBet takes a loss because of a higher than normal win rate). So for me on my journey, I win some , I lose some (because you can't continue to win them ALL) but most importantly, I have lost the weight I needed to and mostly keep it off (with a little cha cha cha now and then) with the support of all of these amazing people. I have learned a lot, had fun and gained healthier habits!And EyesinFL, you are off to a great start with a recipe for success - motivated, determined and as you say - you have the tools you need. And I see a person who is not going to make excuses - you are going to do really well I can feel it! Good luck on your journey!

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Thank you, I hope EVERYBODY is motivated. I really would like every single person to succeed.

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