Oy, my scale and I just aren't seeing eye to eye today.  Heck it's been a week since I actually liked her.  I seriously almost stopped for a dozen donuts on the way to work "for my coworkers"....bahaha yea, no I was gonna eat at least 2 of those.

I prevailed though, I didn't stop for donuts.  I drank my smoothie - oh so delicious and not compromising to my weightloss goals.  It's a daily struggle, especially when things don't seem to be moving and you are doing everything right.  Or are you?  Maybe that nibble here or there is more of a hinderance than you think.  Perhaps those couple pieces of hard candy that you seem to think have no effect, really do.

It's a balancing act, it's hard as hell, it's not something I want to deal with.  However, I must...I got myself here, I have to get myself out of here.

So back to tracking, you know because I totally thought I had it all in my head.  I completely thought I knew exactly what I was putting in my mouth.  Turns out I probably don't.  Well that sucks, because tracking loses it's novelty after a couple of weeks for me.  It becomes more of a chore than a tool. No idea why I think that way, I just do.  Nevertheless, it's a tool (chore) that works.

Ok MyFitnessPal..time to become friends again.