Today I put in my final weight for 2 more 4 week games. (That makes 3 this weekend)  I don't know if I should really call them GAMES because to me it was a bit more serious than a game.  Hey, I had my own money at stake and I sure didn't want to lose any.  I never went into this with the expectation of making any amount of money, but when I found that you were at least assured of getting back what you put into it, I was okay with that.  I did 3 games this month and I fortunately, was successful in all 3.  That doesn't mean I always will be.  I tricked my body this month into thinking it was a short term thing.  Now that it knows I was lying it is going to hold onto every single little calorie it can to make sure that it doesn't starve to death.  In reality I would have a LONG way to starvation but my metabolism doesn't know that.  If there was a long barren winter I would not have enough fat storage. It doesn't matter that we don't have those long barren winters without food, my inner cavewoman is still set the way she was thousands and thousands of years ago.  Funny how so many things change and yet some of the most basic functions of the body do not.  For instance our bodies have the need to store food, the fight or flight reaction, etc etc.  Why is it that all this technology has moved so far and yet we haven't learned how to reset these functions.  So, we either need to crank up the furnace in our bodies to burn all that excess fuel or blinders to come up when we pass our favorite fast food places. 

Now I, for one have done a very good job making sure that I was prepared for that long winter in the past, the long winter where all my fat would be used up, but that time didn't come.  I was thinking that if they can register people at Casinos as gamblers and deny them entrance perhaps they could put my picture up at Pizza Hut or McDonalds and refuse to serve me?  (okay, in fairness I haven't been to either of those places for a year, but you get the idea).  If I'm a food-aholic why can't I stay at one of those plush places on TV like that place in Malibu for addicts (usually they are the ads in the middle of the night, you know the one where the rich guy says "I know, I used to be an addict") that looks like the best vacation place I've ever been to.  These commercials come on to entice these drug and alcohol addicts with these multi-million dollar spa like places that are supposed to cure your addictions AND at government expense.  So, why are we not allowed to stay at those places?

Oh well, that's not going to happen.  So, let's keep going on with our games and be part of that 47% that seems to be the success rate and yet accept it if we ARE trying and we don't make it in a month, and that IS going to happen when that inner cavewoman or caveman says "WHOA" for a time (let's call that HORRIBLE plateau time).

Now I have 2 more 4 week "games" and a 6 month long Transformer and I feel challenged.  That is a GOOD thing.  I like challenges.

Later, Denise,