So, I was mentioning to one of my friends that I had a couple of autoimmune diseases.  Yeah, they have been a big bother.  More than bothering, I have spent several "sessions" in hospitals.  One time I was in intensive care for a week, mostly because they didn't know what to do with me.  So, I started thinking that probably there are a bunch of us "out here in Dietbet" land that have something that interferes with our weight loss.

Of course, the most obvious is PREDNISONE.  Prednisone is my best friend and worst enemy.  When I'm in pain it is my best friend and then it extends it's talons and becomes my worst enemy because it causes weight gain, loss of bone density, etc.  The biggest problem with prednisone is that it makes you crave sugar.  More than crave sugar, you feel like you MUST have it.  Even if you can work through that (I have told myself that I know it's a problem and ignore it), it can cause weight gain simply because it "pumps" (no not like antibolic steroids) you up with fluid, etc.  I'll bet a big number of people on here know exactly what I'm talking about.  I gained 100 pounds in a year when I was on huge amounts every day.  Then I decided I wasn't taking it except for emergencies.  It means I live with pain, but I ignore it unless it's a 15 on the 10 scale, then I take out the box of prednisone (yes I have a big box of various amounts of prednisone) and start taking it.  And, I KNOW what will happen.

On to the biologics, yup I use them also.  They don't cause weight gain as much for me, but besides the cost they are really dangerous.  Lord have mercy, have you ever looked at the side effects?  (of course that is true of most drugs).  Tumors, death, death, death......

So, I decided to quit using the weekly injections of methotrexate and the daily plaquenil (which can cause vision problems), etc. (I am still taking the biologics every few months, but not monthly like before)  I decided to go back to running, mostly walking and I'm starting to feel BETTER.  I am not stupid, I'm sure I will have the on and off "flares" because the underlying problems are still there.  And, I still have to have my weekly blood draw (I have a standing appointment at the lab), but I really think sometimes you have to just put your chin up and try to beat your way through the pain and see if you can make your life better without all the drugs these doctors prescribe.  So, I take a pain pill maybe 5 or 6 times a month and grin and bear it the rest.  Meditation works great.  I have a Rainforest sounds CD that is amazing for self hypnosis.

Everybody that is having trouble losing because of the diseases, whatever disease you might have (if any) hang in there.  You know even if you aren't losing, you KNOW you are doing your body good by sticking on a food plan and exercise.  But, when you exercise and you get to that point you know you need to stop, then STOP.  If you don't, you will fall over that cliff and you will pay for it.  You KNOW WHEN TO SAY ENOUGH.  As my Mom says, if you continue once you get to the edge of that cliff, you will destroy all you have been working towards.  And, then you get back on the prednisone...see the pattern here?

Hang in there, there are a lot of us on here and we CAN DO THIS!!!

Later, Denise