1/27  This game has actually been going on for a month, and will overlap game #4 - my last Kickstarter for the forseeable future.  DietBet #1, Kickstarter, was relatively "easy" as games go.  #2, a Kickstarter, was mentally draining, and I ended exactly on goal.  #3 is my first Transformer.  I had hesitated doing a 6 month game as I didn't know if I could keep focused that long.  But I have been pleasently surprised; token weigh-ins and monthly weigh-ins have and will help motivate me.  I will start #4 in a day or two to help a co-worker on her first DietBet.


13055 steps / 5.35 miles / 757.1 calories / 130 minutes

Feeling good, feeling tired.  I have come to realize that I was over tracking, and getting depressed by any flaw, not celebrating the sucesses.  So now thru February 29, it will be FITNESS FEB only.