Dietbet #4

Ada G.

03/06/2016 4:41PM
3/6 I am having a major mental battle going on in my head at the moment. I want more food than 1500 calories is giving me. It doesn't seem sustainable. Or rather the ratio of carbs at 1500 calories feels too little, when counting ALL carbs, which before this monthly challenge I was not. I don't mind eating clean, low to no processed foods, time consuming foods. I really don't. I just want more.And I don't want to sweat anymore than I am. Time I am willing to give. Pain I am not. I don't want to be uncomfortable.As I write this I see a whining child! Quit the bitchin'! Dammit you can't have the cake and eat it too, no pun intended. But I am hungry. I want more food. Every food, calorie, exercise calculator out there limits me to 1500 a day to get to my goal of 160. Fuck.218 lbs / 9521 steps before my evening walk / 3.75 miles / 523.6 calories / 108 minutes


When I started out, I tried to meet my calories goals by just limiting the normal unhealthy foods that I ate. It was difficult and I felt hungry. As I've changed up my eating, I've found that I can eat a lot of food if it's healthy. Do you have favorite "volume" foods that you can fit into your calories? Like zucchini, broccoli, shrimp, etc? Also, try cycling your calorie counts up and down throughout the week. I read a few body building forums where they are hard core about their nutrition. One forum had a calculator that I wish I could find again, but for my weight goal it would alternate between low calorie days of about 1200 to mid-calorie days of 1500, then high calorie of 1800.

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