I decided to put these tips into a blog post as they come in handy at the beginning of every game! I have been a DietBetter over 3 years now and thought it would be helpful to share some tips to help make you more successful in the game.

  • Motivation is key to success! Think about why you are doing this, why you are REALLY doing this! The stronger your motivation, the better chances you have of winning.
  • Identify your goals for the month. Write them down. Share them with the group if you are comfortable. Keep your goals in mind all the time – goals drive behavior.
  • The power of DietbBet is community support and information. Use the group!

o   I really believe the more you get involved with the board and the group, the better your chance of success.

o   Read the board often, try to make it a priority to do every day

o   If you have a question, ask!

o   Share your challenges – the group will help you come up with strategies.

o   Share your successes so we can cheer you on!

o   Get involved, post anything relevant to your journey – recipes you tried, pictures of a meal you cooked, a compliment you received, etc.

o   In this game, you are competing with yourself not with each other – we are here to support one another!

o   Learn how the game works. Check it all out! E.g. if you add “friends” you can track progress on the right side of the game page – it will always show you at the top and your friends underneath and it will show the progress bar with a green line down it which represents where you would be as of that day if you were on track to win. Try to keep up with the green line – it makes it fun.


o   Get your shopping done regularly. It is SO important to have the right food in the house. Load up on veggies! Try to stay away from processed foods and go for whole foods as much as possible.

o   Prepare things ahead of time for the week and think about how you are going to eat. You need to have a strategy and the food to support it. I tend to bulk cook on the weekend so I have ready-to-go meals when I get home from work. Keep healthy snacks on hand.

Those are just a few tips to help get you started – there are so many more but we have a month together! If you have any tips I haven’t included, please share them in the comments below so I can keep updating this file. Have a great month! Have fun with it, and remember that you are doing this for your health and there is no greater gift you can give yourself.