I am GF, DF, and soy-free. I should also try to eat within a low GI index due to the PCOS, but I'm not as strict on that. I used to be a vegetarian too, but coming into all these other restrictions, I brought fish back into my diet! Uh, yum!

Have you heard of Vega Testing?? To some people, it's not a credible test, but I do believe there is some truth to the results. It's a combination of acupuncture and homeopathic medicine, and it tests your organs, determining their stress levels, and examines how your body reacts to samples of various foods. There are no needles, but a mild electric signal is sent through a circuit consisting of your body, two metal rods, and the selected stress sample.
If you would like to read up on it yourself: http://www.wholisticresearch.com/info/artshow.php3?artid=80

Here's what else it says I should avoid in a screen of over ...

100 food items: Gluten/wheat, all dairy, yeast, coffee, turmeric, aspartame, red food coloring, with smaller reactions to MSG, blue food coloring, peanuts, and walnuts. [I don't see coffee disappearing from my life any time soon, but admit that caffeine makes my anxiety skyrocket if I go overboard; when I eat peanut butter or walnuts, I find it hard to stop..not sure what that means, but it's not good; haven't really noticed anything about the red food coloring BUT I don't eat a lot of anything that would need it]

11 environmental factors: House dust mites and a variety of weeds, with mild reactions to broom, house dust, and grass. [I had a scratch test following the Vega test, and my body showed zero reactions to any environmental factors, but my left eye waters every time I'm outside?]

60 organs: My endocrine system, GI organs, my lower vertebrae, and my tonsils are all messed up! [Totally believe this part 100%!! GI organs were still being subjected to things my body doesn't like; I threw out my back when I was 19 and have always had to be extra careful with it; I've had tonsil issues and wanted them removed since I was in pre-school!!; the endocrine system has to do with horomone irregularities, which has a lot to do with PCOS, insulin, etc]

Now, I believe in taking everything with a grain of salt, and looking into the whole picture. The only person who knows you best, is you. Whether it's Eastern medicine telling me something, or Western medicine, or witchcraft, I know conciously or subconciously what affects my body. Sometimes, having any kind of written result helps reaffirm or contradict these beliefs. Sometimes, the trickiest part is getting to truly know your body.

For example, back in the good ol' days when I cut myself off of..well, all food except fruits and veggies, I felt good not putting unneeded things into my body! But I was tired, all the time. Turns out, my iron levels have been very low for a very long time and I'm anemic, but at the time I had no idea! I've only discovered that my body takes like 5 times as long to absorb iron as the normal person. Post-counselling, I've reduced my restrictions slowly but surely, allowing several more cheats than I probably should have, but always remained a vegetarian until about 2 months ago. NOW, since eliminating the wheat and dairy, I feel good again! I'm not celiac, and I don't die if I eat either, but I know my body doesn't like them. I always knew, and I never understood, and because I didn't hear it from a doctor I brushed off how I felt a lot of the time, but I KNOW my body would prefer to be without them.

I'm curious to know if other people have tried this testing? What did you think?