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Anna Jo Ricky

10/20/2016 6:54AM
wow 2146 is a lot! what are you recording your exercise on? was the 385 calories it added equal to what you did? I think some apps/devices are pretty generous with exercise calories!

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Nichole L.

Anna Jo, yes! I do believe that was my exercise calories. And I'm with you, I think some of these apps are too generous with the calories. However, when I did WW, you got points for exercising and you could use those points to eat more if you wanted. So it is the same premise as these apps adding the exercise cals back in. Hmmmm......

Anna Jo Ricky

I try to exercise a "pound" a week... so a pound is 3500 calories so I need to burn 500 calories a day... so I try NOT to "eat" them... I stick to my calorie allowance! According to my watch most of the time I burn 500 calories a day....this does work, but I do get stalled a lot, I don't call it plateauing really, I just need to "change things a little" to get the scale moving.. most of the time its eating a bit more... not necessarily exercising more.... Low CARB used to work for me EVERYTIME... but now I think its more higher protein works... if that makes sense... I do know... nothing KEEPS WORKING... (with me anyway)... I have to keep changing things or I get really stalled!

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