No more feeling ashamed and no more feeling unworthy.

If my weight offends you that's a you problem and not a me problem. I wish I felt this way years ago. For far too long I have felt ashamed and unworthy, closing myself off to the world and all the things I used to do. I was too worried about how others would perceive me that I became a hermit. I've lost friendships because I didn't want anyone who knew the skinny version of my former self to see me like this. I lost myself and all the self love I once had. I was depressed because of my weight which in turn caused me to eat my feelings which only added further self loathe and hate. 

I sit here down 60.6 pounds since June. It's a a choice everyday to live a better, healthier life. I have eaten my feelings from time to time along the way and indulged but for the first time ever I have dusted myself off and got right back to it. I'm not anywhere close to my final goal weight. I'm only about 1/3 of the way done my journey but for the first time I know it's going to happen. I'm taking my life back. I'm doing the things I used to love. I'm loving me and I'm loving life. I have an inner fire I forgot even existed and it feels great to feel self pride. I'm no longer ashamed. Those who don't know me or my journey might just look at me and see a fat girl. I don't care what they see. I see strength, passion, determination and perseverance. I see my inner light burning bright and someone who won't stop until they are done. 

I matter. I am worthy. You will see me succeed.