Saturday was an amazing day. I had a huge nsv which makes all this hard work and disappointment with the scale worth it. For the first time ever I was able to take my daughter to the amusement park and actually go on the rides with her. It used to be me standing off to the side watching my husband and her go on them but no more side lines for me. I'm right in the action. I haven't been on rides is so many years and last year at this time it wouldn't have been possible. 

The scale isn't always kind to me but remember how liberating and amazing this feels drives me. Keeps me pushing through and just wanting to do more. I have been held prisoner by my weight for far too long. I'm getting my life back and finding myself along the way. Remember all the things I used to love and doing them once again. One of my resolutions this year was to do more adventures and I plan to have many more. 

Remember your nsv and write them down. When you feel like caving or giving up read them and you will be re-inspired.