Let's Not Quit Because of the Baby


02/06/2018 6:44AM
Hi Sara!What you said really resonates with what I have done on here! I have done a total of 4 different bets after each child *ive had 3 in a 5 year span* and was only "successful" with the first one! What I have gained is a sense of perseverance, and that the struggles I've faced with weight were a lifetime of bad habits and that I was going to have learn how to treat myself right and that it would possibly take a long time! I am in this transformer after just giving birth to my 3rd child and I want so badly to hang in there and win. I KNOW we can do it!!

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Thank you, Jazz! I can't even imagine having another baby right now! Kudos to you for having three sweet babies! I think I'd like another, but my house is so incredibly cramped that it would be awful. Trying to move soon and then maybe I can consider it! In the meantime, I'll just try to get healthy again. :)

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