A friend originally got me started with the Dietbet and I didn't really do it for the opportunity to win money or to lose weight. For me it was about getting  healthier and having the extra little push that friends and family can give you. Its to easy when your trying to get healty to slack off becase you don't have moral support or the extra little push from others who are going through the same or similar process to you. 

With Diet bet I can vent about my frustrations and share the process that I am going through to find my own slice of health. In doing so it lets others connect with me and give me moral support and it lets them know that there not alone in this process. 

So if I asked you to join me on Dietbet its not because I think your fat its because I want to be healhier with friends and I would love for you to join me on this adventure. In the end maybe we can laugh through our sweat and find a healthier us in there.