For a long time I've just been on an upward spiral with my weight and at work I get up to go to the bathroom the rush back to my desk for the phone and more work and I'm tired and it's maybe 30 feet away, that's ridiculous. I've had ENOUGH!!

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Favorite Health Food: FRUITS, all FRUITS!

Favorite Sinful Food: Lays Kettle Baked Salt & Vinegar Chips..

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Biking.

My Approach to Weight Loss: It's a lifestyle change.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegan Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: pump up, nike training, simply yoga

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $48.04

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Vegan with NonVegan Roommate...
by - 10/10/2014 10:02AM

  In a nutshell, it's expensive!!! Noooo, not because of the food supporting my Vegan lifestyle but ... Read More ›

Let's call this Day 3: Food, specifically bananas.
by - 10/01/2014 3:52PM

  Groceries Today:-4.5lbs apples-125 bananas-3 $3 shirts (woohoo clearance!!)-doggy snacks &dogg... Read More ›

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OOWWoWW!! that's a to of bananas!!


420g of sugar a day :) love it! That's what my grocery shopping looks (without the adorable dog). People are so afraid of carbs and sugar.. but don't realize it it's the best thing for the body as long as it doesn't come from soda or junk food.. Glad to see a fellow high carb vegan :)
Today is Friday!!.....for me anyway.
by - 09/30/2014 8:35PM

  Yeah I'm off Wednesdays & Thursdays ^_^ !It's getting close to midnight, but wanted to post. :... Read More ›

Yes it my first blog and it's about Potatoes.
by - 09/29/2014 5:53PM

I can't believe this....This is the first time in a long time that I've wanted to cry for food. Pict... Read More ›


haha. That does blow! I can think many times having this idea in your head all day, having that thought: I will have "red beans for dinner" in the best grandma voice you can muster...and have that dream be dashed in front of you.
It makes sense also: that with you trying to lose weight maybe you would have prepared it differently also (no butter or oil etc) so, that could be annoying also.
sometimes life's curveballs are good lessons for us to discover amazing possibilities, like another bangin' smoothie!!
I often play the game: nothing is left in my kitchen to make: what can I make with this random piece of ginger and can of corn. Surprisingly I can usually create something absolutely wonderful.
So when life gets you down because something out of your control (remember she was trying to be nice for you, which is pretty awesome) ruins something for you, thank them and move on.

Good luck next time!
You still got this.