It's been months since I was in a DB game, and in this time, I've unfortunately managed to gain several pounds back.  

The sad part is that I wasn't even at my goal weight, and I allowed myself to get complacent.  I went on vacation and then came home to several BBQs, birthday parties, and going-away parties.  I let myself partake in the high calorie, high-carb, low nutrient-ness and never stopped partaking.  It amazes me how quickly the weight came back on, and how unmotivated I was to stop it.  After all the hard work that went into losing those first 35 pounds, I let laziness and gluttony take over and gained back 1/4 of the weight I lost more than twice as quickly as it took me to lose that same amount of poundage.

So here I am, back in a DB game and trying desperately to get back on the horse.  It's like running, isn't it?  If you allow yourself to stop, it makes it that much harder to get back started again.  Sometimes it's just better to push through the difficult parts, knowing that it will pay off in the end.  

They say consistency is the most important part of weight loss.  So far, that has proven to be true for me.  It's time for me to get back to being serious about this.  It's time for me to be less like myself ("Why, yes, I will have kimchi fried rice for lunch!") and more like my coworker who just had to buy a belt hole puncher because he lost so much weight ("No, thanks, I'll just get a salad....").  We both want the kimchi fried rice and we both want the smaller waist, but one of us chose the temporary pleasure of the fried rice while the other chose his health.  It's time for me to be the one choosing my health.  

I sincerely hope you all will make the same choice.  Best of luck, everyone!