Tomorrow starts the 4 week Jillian Beginner Shred Challenge!  Pretty excited!  Even though it starts tomorrow, I made sure to start the week off right.  I prepped a bunch of food for lunches at work this week and will be going to the store to pick up a few more things for healthy snacks.  I'm waking up early tomorrow to hit the gym, with the goal of running two miles and then working on lower body.  

I love having this blog because putting these things in writing makes it more concreate, and makes me follow through.  I'm also going to use this blog like a food diary to list what I ate each day.  Makes me more accountable and think twice when I have to reflect and write down what I eat.

I'm also so in love with all the support from everyone, all of whom are complete strangers!  It's absolutely amazing and I am so thankful for it.  For example, today I posted a picture of cookies and doughnuts that were brought into my work, with the caption "A patient brought these into my work today.  I'm happy to announce that I said no thanks!"  Within minutes I had people cheering me on and reminding me how great that decision was.  Made it even more worth it!  It's great to know that we aren't alone in this.  Thank you everyone, and let's do this!


Today's Food Diary:

- Eggwhites, diced green peppers, Sargento Reduced Fat Mexican Shredded Cheese

- Whole grain sandwich thin

- Hot green tea with one Spenda

- Grilled chicken with southwest seasoning

- Brown rice

- Steamed broccoli 

- Iced coffee with skim milk and two Spenda

- "Healthy Choice" Seasame chicken, rice, and veggies (*which is really delicious and easy by the way!)

- Hot green tea with one Spenda

- Whole grain organic tortilla chips with organic salsa (I'm tryingt to cut out snacking, but when I watch "The Voice" at night I need something to munch on!)

- About 35 ounces of water throughout the day