What is a parathyroid again?

Biking Syl

10/08/2014 4:57PM
Don't worry too much. I have a similar scar on my neck, but it is actually pretty big because a few years ago, I was on a breathing tube in the hospital for a few weeks. And even that one is starting to fade. Yours won't be as big as mine, because they will close the skin immediately.

You can always wear a scarf, if you have a bad day and feel self conscious. But you can teach yourself to look at it differently. Every time I notice my scar in the mirror, I think about how happy I am to be alive and that I made it through all the procedures. I celebrate the success. And I noticed that people really don't pay attention to it that often. They have lots going on in their own life, so scanning for scars is not necessarily on the top of their list. As an experiment, try wearing 2 different socks for a day and check how many people will actually notice. :-)

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