Well, I have blood tests done. 2 in one week. Which for someone like me who is terrified of needles it a bit too much. 

First i went to get my thyroid checked and annual check up. I haven't had thyroid issues before but I have a lot of symptoms lately that make me think that I have. So I asked to be checked for it. Well, my thyroid is fine at least i the normal range. 

But  got a call to tell me my calcium is high. I am like what! I am probably the worst example of getting my daily requirement in calclium. So it seemed strange to me.  The doc wanted to another test to be more thorough.


Well, it still came up high and she told me that I have hyperparathyroidism.  Yes, a mouthful. But what the heck is the parathyroid. 

Turns out that the parathyroid releases a hormone that regulates the calcium absorbed in the body. There are 4 of them behind the thyroid and they are the size of a grain of rice. such tiny things can cause so much trouble. 

I found that this is causing my fatigue, stomach aches ( I get nauseous every time I eat) , joint pains, brain fogs, etc.  Well, the same symptoms I have everytime I eat gluten. Except they have been lately more so constant despite what I eat. 

From what I understand though, there is no real treatment except to remove them. But we are doing additional tests before getting ready for that. 

Oh bummer. 

I cried a little when i found out not because of having surgery, but mostly for the sake of vanity.  Yep, i said vanity. The scar on my neck. Such a visible scar, but I am not sure what kind of scar people have now. 

I have been dealing with the idea by repainting furniture. And it has been helping. I wonder how long the recovery will be and I will be back at running? Hmm. 

Next week is my next test. oh joy(can't you just hear the sarcasm in my words)