Someone told me about a simple exercise in determining your values and priorities. Give it a try.

List 25 things you would like to accomplish. Be specific.

Then put a star next to the 5 most important. Write them on a separate piece of paper.

Make a plan for achiving those.


It's more difficult than it sounds. But we only have so many hours in the day. We can't possibly make meaningful progress in all 25 areas.

Is health and fitness one of the top 5? Then you are in the right place. You have found a great support team here.

Set yourself up for success. Eliminate distractions. Even if there are good, important projects listed among those 25. They are NOT your priority right now. 

Look at that list of 5 every morning. Set up small milestones for each. Set deadlines. Celebrate when you achive them. 

Do not beat yourself up for not paying attention to the others on the first list. 

To succeed in this multitasking world you need LASER FOCUS.