Happy first DB day!

I feel like I am off to a good start.  This weekend, I spent an embarrassing amount of hours prepping my food for the week (let's just say I know no "knife skills" to speak of and it took me way longer to slice a couple of cucumbers than it would take the average person).  Thanks to the food prep, it was super easy to eat well today, which felt great after a month of eating crap (can you say chocolate for breakfast?).

But the thing is, one good day isn't going to make me win.  Consistency is the key to losing weight, and I need to figure out a way to keep myself motivated.  The 5 losses on my DB page is evidence of this.  I have 1 win out of 6; a strong start with a disappointing ending is my MO, and it's because of my lack of consistency.  I almost fell prey to it today!  I was super tempted to get take-out from the Korean place down the street after ballet class tonight, which was crazy because I had spent so long prepping food.  It's a constant struggle, turning down convenient and delicious foods in exchange for my very mediocre cooking.  

So I will try to keep posting here, and I will try to take more advantage of the community.  I think that if I blog everyday, not only will it be a way for me to reflect on my day and what I can do to improve my behavior, but it will also be a way to keep myself accountable.  I can't promise my content will always be interesting or engaging, but at least it will always be honest.  

Hope everyone else had a strong first day, and I hope you all have a strong tomorrow as well!