Today is my 60th birthday.  I have to say that I don't look 60.  I remember my Mom at 60 and she looked it, of course, I was looking at her through my 33 year old eyes and maybe my memory isn't that good.  

But here's the thing, I've never smoked, which my Mom did from the time she was 18 to 55, and drink in moderation.  She had a heart attack at 48 and quad-bypass at 49, a week after my 21st birthday.  

The problem I have is that I am fat and my 60 year old body is suffering with the excessive weight.  My back, knees, hips and ankles hurt.  I have asthma.  Walking can be a painful process.  Standing can be a painful process.  Getting out of bed can be a painful process.

On the other hand, putting on socks can be a form of exercise and pantyhose is truly aerobic.  

This is my third Dietbet (but the last two I did in conjunction with each other . . . I don't know why . . . I got caught up in the thing).  In any event, one week in to the last batch, I ended up with shin splints, not only in my shins but in the top of the foot area.  

I got through the last two by the skin of my teeth and without the assitance of my beloved family.  In the 28 days, I had a total of three pieces of rye bread and 1 cup of pasta.  The only other carbs I had came from fruits and veggies and I lost 11 lbs.  

I use fitness pal, reduced my calories to less than 1600 a day, record absolutely everything and still was shocked at the carbs that I was eating.  

Whenever I was feeling put upon by journalling everything I ate, I would enter my pre-Dietbet lunch or dinner or breakfast into Fitness Pal.  I highly recommend it.  If I every wondered why my butt was a double-wide, all I needed to do was enter my lunch.

So, this is a new bet.  My goal is not only to succeed but to not just get buy by the skin of my teeth.  I want to get to that last week and know that I have this nailed.