I am having such a hard time at work!  The parade of daily treats has been ridiculous lately!   The patients bring in fresh bagels,  cookie assortment,  a patient makes homemade apple bars,  the doctor brings in a giant bag of pretzel thins from home,  and the worst temptation for me is this patient who brings in a big chocolate cake for the office every time she comes in because she knows it's the doctors favorite.   She has been coming in a lot lately so we have had this cake 3 times in the past month and a half!   It sits in the fridge and our office partakes every day until it's gone.   I didn't win my last Diet Bet so I joined Jillians which I'm in now.   I had a pretty bad slip up over the weekend which unfortunately turned into a binge.  That's what I call them,  I have a few cookies or a muffin then the floodgates open lol.   Eventually I want to be able to enjoy a treat here and there and really enjoy it but for right now I feel like that might be a slippery slope?   Not sure.   I know that if something is 'off limits' when you do have it there is a danger of having too many.   Anyway I have not had any of the treats at work but it has been really hard!   I stay out of the back room but in my mind I know the goodies are back there lol.   I find myself thinking 'Oh,  what's one piece of cake' but that's how it starts for me!   One piece of cake will turn into 5!