Erika V.

10/25/2014 5:43PM
Very motivating! I graduated 3 years ago and used to be very active in college, all I had to worry about was class, I walked everywhere and worked out twice a day. Getting a regular job, as well as not having a normal sleep schedule and going back to school, makes it very easy to skip back into that laziness and just eat whatever because it's hard to find time to make something healthy. You just reminded me of all the things I need to be reminded of to give myself that kick in the butt to workout! Thanks. As far as the races, you'll get addicted to them! I promise!

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I walked everywhere in college as well, and now I take public transportation and do a little walking. Better than nothing and I been squeezing in exercises on my commute (lunge steps!). I really do want to get into running so I hope the 5k gives me an extra boost. I really wrote this post and hope to continue to do so to keep myself accountable, but I'm glad it inspired you :)

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