I suffered a pretty bad burn on my leg this past weekend and it's all bandaged up. It's difficult to shower as I have to wrap it in a plastic bag. Sweating too much is not really recommended because the wound is supposed to be kept dry.

I am confident it will heal in about a week, but in order to meet my goal I'm going to have to eat super clean and try to be creative with my exercise. I live in a hot place so that's going to be a challenge! I am determined though, and am resolved not to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

Husband is on a business trip so I am totally in control of what goes in my mouth. No excuses of social events, etc. Fortuntately my no sugar regime has made me much less attracted to sweets, so Halloween will not be an issue.

So here are my rules for the next 9 days:


  1. No: alcohol, white flour, white sugar, bread
  2. Lots of veg with every meal
  3. Water, water, water.
  4. Green tea
  5. No food after dinner (and esp. after 8 pm)
  6. Start running again on Tuesday
  7. Indoor exercise/DVD every day.
  8. lots of home made soup
  9. No Halloween candy
  10. Sleep by 10 pm