I'm pretty excited about this game and want to thank you, Michelle, for hosting it.  I love all the support I get at Buffmother.com, but there's something about the challenge of "winning" something that is very motivating to me.  Anyone else?  Maybe the motivators are money, or the community, or, what much more virtuous dieters aspire to -- better health?!

I'm curious -- would anyone be willing to share your ages?  I guess it's on our profiles, but I'm too lazy to go look y'all up.  I'm 50.  Such a large, half-century age! I think my real-world friends won't do this because they don't want to mess with trying something new.  I don't know.  I guess if I posted it to Facebook more would see it, but I don't want all my "friends" there to see -- only a small circle.  

Well, on to strategizing...meals, workouts, motivation.  Sometimes celebrities do motivate me -- I don't spend much time reading about them anymore, but if they can look like that, why can't I? And it's just a lie that their pocketbooks make them successful -- we can be just as successful even if we don't have money for personal trainers and chefs.  It's all mental.

Well, here's a modest picture of Helen Mirren -- she's probably way older than you all, but just enough years older than me for her to be a realistic inspiration (I mean, I just don't see me ever looking like Jennifer Anniston, although I do have J Lo's build...). Her in the red bikini is awesome (you can find it yourself easy enough), but that's a stretch for me (maybe soon it won't be).  Oh, she's 69, people!