Today I woke up did HIIT for 30 min including warm-ups and cool down before eating breakfast. I clipped on both pedometers since i woke up. So far the one I think is over counting purchased at Sports Authority and the one I purchased late last night at Walgreens. Results so far are:

Sports Authority = 13,270
Walgreens = 11,393

And the verdit is Sports Authority one goes back! But at least I met my goal on both, yay! I did my lower body workout today for 45 min. Didn't get to do Lower Body SlimChick Purple, I just didn't have enough time today to fit it in :( I did eat cucumbers though.

Food for the day..

7 Organic Egg whites only omelet with spinach and 5 cherry tomatoes

Peanut Butter all natural organic no sugar added 1 tbsp

3oz Sweet Potatoe
4oz Extra lean Ground turkey

Snack Pre-workout
Banana (keep potassium up!)

Post workout
Whey Protein shake

Grilled chicken breast
Quinoa organic
Summer Squash/Zucchini (addicted to it)
Avocado (So addicted to this I eat some every night!)2 oz of Sweet Potatoe (Also addicted to it)

I made spaguettis and garlic toast for hubby, but resisted temptation! Water intake so far 102 oz and no headache! ;) Now I'm off to take a shower, relax and watch a wacky movie!