This first week of the Diet Bet challenge has shown me that I can do anything, even exercise willpower to stick to my meal plan. This is the first time I have ever done a challenge like this and I am a bit nervous because I'm not usually one to focus on what the scale says. I'm a slow loser when it comes to the scale and I have days where the weight will go back and forth. That has happened this week, but I'm still losing. So far this has been fun, it's great to have the healthy competition with others for similar goals, and with money on the line I'm so there. I have more fitness equipment I want to get for my home. That's my motivation.  I started off the challenge at 225 pounds. I'm down to 223.6 as of this morning. Was at 222.4 but after a little extra carbs and sodium yesterday (11/16/14) the scale crept back up a little. Working on flushing it out with less carbs and more water today. My body thrives on carbohydrates and I do typically do well with 150+ grams, but I want to see this scale move. After this challenge I will go back to working on my performance goals. I had great strength goals for this year, but no longer having regular access to a gym has put those on the backburner. I plan to be able to pick up those goals again in 2015. Here's my success so far to show how things change for me when the scale is being uncooperative. This is what keeps me sane and not concerned about the scale. 

Body Composition Changes

Dates Taken: 11/4/14 and 11/16/14

Weight: 225.2 and 223.6 (-1.6#)

Body Fat Percent: 40.10% and 38.48%  (-1.62%)

Lean Mass: 134.9 and 137.55 (+2.65# yay!!)

Body Fat: 90.3 and 86.05 (-4.25# of fat yay!)

So as you can see, I can't be too upset about the scale weight right now. I am looking forward to seeing the scale at the end of this challenge as well as the body composition changes. Back to my plan tomorrow, cleaner with the nutrition and more water. I can do this and I will.