It's been a few days since I've made a blog post. So this is a sum up to today. My gum abcess which was making half of my upper teeth hurt is almost gone. The throbbing is almost completelly gone except for when I chew on that side, but all in all it's so much better! Yay! I made a real effort yesterday and went walking at the park though I'm not 100% yet. Walked 3 miles. Eat's up to today were still very clean, actually my daily calorie were really low. Amazing how quickly you can lose weight when you can't really chew and your mouth hurts. Though I wasn't really able to exercise the last few days except for yesterday's walk I am down to 160.8 from 164.5 at the beginning of last week!

I'm usually a very very frustrating slow loser so this was a blessing in disguise I guess lol. gotta look at things in a positive way right?!

Today I took it really easy. Our daughter and her husband came over to hang out. I didn't even cook today, which I religiously do everyday. We don't eat out much, my hubby loves my home cooking. But today we ordered some Boston Market for dinner being this was the healthiest thing I could think of that we would all enjoy.  It's the first day in almost a month that I don't eat what I consider to be my super clean eating diet.

I had half a chicken no sides but I stopped at Wendy's and got a plain bake potatoe for myself, no butter just salt and pepper but I did use a tiny bit of their low fat sour cream. Let's see if I see any increase in the scale tomorrow ;) Ealier eating for the day was my usual egg white omelet, tomatoes, zucchini and avocado. Lunch was 50 grams of baked plantain with 4oz of homemade turkey balls. Snack protein shake.

Total steps for this relaxing day so far are 6711 but my day isn't quite over yet. I have a few hours to go ;) My water intake isn't as good as I like, I believe I'm only up to 60oz.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!