Plans I have galore. The good thing is, over the years, husband and I picked up and kept a few basic good habits. Of the so called 'healthy' suggestions, I've found that,

 - Eating several small meals throughout the day doesn't work for me. I get distracted thinking about my next 'fix,' and I end up feeling hungrier. 

- Better a late (small) breakfast and a balanced dinner. I'm sticking with a 18-6 fast (keep empty for 18 hours, eat within 6 hours). More importantly, it keeps my head clear for work.

- I prefer eating the same thing for dinner most days of the week. 

- I enjoy running. It keeps me un-sad. 

- Lifting weights make me happy. 


Because I'm on a writing deadline with this upcoming diet, I'm keeping the rules simple:

1. Clean eating (ease up on cheat day), 18/6

2. Body weight workout 3 days, 45 min. run 3 days, 1 rest day + ongoing push-up challenge

3. 1 cup, water/tea every hour during work


So here's to 28 days of plain and simple. Trust in the process. It works.