Not that I've had pizza since the bet started... so what's the problem?

I've been back to my normal routine after Thanksgiving weekend,

but for most of last week, the number on the scale hasn't budged/gone up.

No fun/ny indulgences, the usual plain meals. I've even switched out bodyweight training for 5km runs.

So, this week is all about controlling water weight, the load of past dinners -- the disastrous BLOAT.

And just when you think being good is good for the numbers. A bit of digging around online, and here are the culprits:

1. Broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts, our veggie staples for every dinner: too much will bloat and stay in your lower intestines. Oh man, thanks.

2. Beans, another dinner regular: not just gassy, sticks to your guts.

3. Spicy things: I douse my beans in Tabasco sauce. Ugh.

4. High Sodium: that 50 kcal cup of soup snack in the late afternoon? Swap it for an orange.

5. Sparkling water: oh, yeah, we've been guzzling Spa Red (not soda, just carbonated water). No, no, no.

There you have it, our 'healthy' habits that get in the way. I like to think of them as dietary friendly fire. Not bad in the long term, though. Just when I have a goal to meet and a deadline. 

Time to fix some of that. And not psyche myself into worry, getting tense and constipated, either. A good run, drink lots of water, and we're still in the running.


ps. yes, my answer to everything: when in doubt, just run.