I still have another Dietbet running -- all through Christmas and New Years --

and while I'd thought I'd win the first one and take a break on the second, 

now I'm thinking, why not finish both? 

As I was informed that I received my 'winnings' last night,

I'm going to take a moment to post this link:

(there are some rather sad sad pictures, though not so terrible that I look away. Anyway, please be warned.)



Originally I pledged 50%, but as we were all such good winners in Danni's Group, the payout was slightly less than I expected, so all 100% is going in. 

I have a couple more of these places to divy up the money, including Pepi's Dog Refuge, which takes in a lot of mutts too (good, sweet, unappreciated all the same), so best keep going. There are a lot of affordable options. 

(Also, I modified the dietbet model to fit a work project, so I'm plugging away until March to be able to pay for a 1 year virtual adoption  )


Spread a little love anywhere you can, yes? Whenever you can. :)))

Happy Holidays, everyone.