So, not only is it Thanksgiving this week, the day after that is my birthday (a.k.a yummy cake day), which also is the first day of Time of the Month, leading into bloaty weekend. Oh yeah, this should be fun. 

Especially since (forget Thanksgiving) I'm spending so much time poring over what yummy Christmas pie recipes I can fiddle with before December even hits. Currently, there's a bowl of blue raisins soaking in port on the kitchen table, for some homemade mincemeat. Later I'll add orange peel. I'm making half a pumpkin pie (because only I like it) and half a drunken cranberry/raisin/pecan for the husband. 

I figure, I'll start this week strong sticking to the diet and workouts, and then enjoy my Thursday and Friday. As the husband says, one or two big meals won't make you fat. It's the eating up of leftovers, continuously, in the days after the holidays that will get to you. I agree. The rule in our house: your stomach is not a garbage disposal. Better the freezer for what will last.

Happy Thanksgiving week!