Two back to back classes yesterday after work, WOW!!!  I challenged myself during the Group Power class, upped my weight on squats, shoulders, back, chest and triceps.  I am working on flexibility so I can go lower in squats.  I was super tired already after THAT class, but went ahead and stayed for Group Blast omgosh!  I got about 1/2 way through that class and pretty sure I was going to die!  lol  I lived!  Very sore this morning.  Slept heavy, but, not long enough.. need about 3 days more.. hahaha!  Just kidding.. 

On tap for today I have a secondary compliance inspection at work.  Not worried about it, the big one was about a month ago, and I passed it with flying colors.  This time it is a division manager coming, and we are pretty good friends, so really no worries.  I have group kick tonight, then I need to come home and CLEAN the house!  OMGosh, cleaning is taking a huge hit with my increased activity levels.  I did get all my laundry done on Sunday, but...  Gotta get the house dusted and vacummed tonight.  Bathrooms this morning.  I usually try to clean them after my shower, it just takes a few minutes, and I like coming home to it clean always. 

Doing great on the eats.  Have a great Tuesday!