Sometimes we put off seeing our doctors out of fear of hearing bad news. We've all done it!!! I know I have!!! LOL!!! One of the things I've learned over the years is to face the music head on, & deal with whatver comes my way. It's easier said than done, & I'm speaking from experience. 

I used to work 12-16 hour days at a hospital a few years ago, & I suffered with headaches. I mean I suffered daily - FOR 2 YEARS!!! I'd take Tylenol or Motrin like it was my maintenance drug!!! I'm really surprised my stomach is okay after taking sooo many pills daily for such a long period of time. Anyway, because of my busy schedule (supervising & running department), I didn't have time to check it out. At the time, I wasn't too concerned about the headaches; I just hoped & prayed it wasn't brain cancer. 

A few months later, I made the decision to give my job 2 weeks notice, & I ventured out to start my new journey as a travel agent. I was okay; still having the headaches, but the burden I carried as an Administrator was released. I felt WONDERFUL!!! I had peace of mind, & I was open to trying new things!!! :-)

About 6 months later, I started having chest pain, & I had to go to the Emergency Room. After being examined by the doctor, he asked me if I had any other complaints. When I told him about the headaches & how long I'd been having them, he asked if I had been throwing up too. When I answered yes, he referred me to a neurologist for tests. I had several tests done, & when my results came back, the neurologist told me that I had swelling on my brain (Neurosarcoidosis). The scary thing is, if I hadn't checked it out when I did, eventually I would have gone blind!!! SCARY!!! I had to start taking Prednisone for several months, & my weight skyrocketed to over 250 pounds. Oh well...... I had to take high doses to get better.

Moving forward (4 years later), I still have MRIs done once a year to make sure I'm okay, & I have to see my opthamologist annually for her to check my vision for any changes too. :-)

The point of my story is don't be afraid to find out what going on with your body. Why suffer if we don't have to???

Now, I'm taking better care of myself, & doing my best to make sure I don't have another flare-up. :-)