Waking up from treat Saturday, I felt SO refreshed -- especially after walking around like a zombie yesterday due to bad sleep Friday night. 

Treat Saturday, as always, is grand. The yummyfest went a little overboard when I nommed thru cashews and candied pineapple (so good together). Eating them was fine, just not the whole thing. (Note: next time, put exactly the amount I want in a dish and eat just that.) I was punished with painful toadstools sprouting on the back and sides of my tongue afterwards. Husband says my body is pretty smart at self-regulating that way. I just think: ow! whine...

Anyway, the week in review:

1. As I expected, my first 3 days of strict calorie-controlled planned meals showed a sharp dip in weight. (haha, water weight!)

2. Which the body slowly gained back over the week, but not all of it. The right balance for now. 

3. Body weight training was really fun, and going up a notch every other workout makes it even better.

4. Only ran once this week, eh. Bad sleep schedule will do that.

5. I got a little obsessed with doing the pushup challenge, and I went around the house in a t-shirt flexing because I thought my arms grew, hehe. Not just pump, I think, but we'll see.

All in all, despite treat days (Wed/Sat), the week was fine/within reason, and I'll start 2nd week at a slightly lower point. Next week though: Time of the Month Bloat. Whee! Anyway, I like keeping track of my weight during TotM b/c it's so beautifully predictable:

D1: same D2:+1.5 D3:+2 D4:+1 D5:back to normal D6:-0.5 flushout&done

(I want to see it pan out on the DB graph.)