I hadn't even thought about the idea of having loose skin... until my aunt asked if I was having any issues yet... I have lost 55.5 pounds and have 44.5 pounds left. I am soooo super paranoid now that she has brought the issue to light. I feel heartbroken--- like my dream goal may not even be a physical reality (without surgery--- which who can afford/wants to go through all that?) I have accepted stretch marks LONG ago as I have been getting them since 6th grade. But loose skin... that is a new one to me. I know that loose skin is def a lot better than being obese- you can't die from heart disease because of loose skin. But I can't help but cry about it. After working this hard... to end up all loose skinny is NOT ideal.

So what does everyone think? How likely is it to have loose skin with 100 pound weight loss... as a 23 year old that has been packing on the weight slowly yet surely for the last ten years-- 5'3" 240 at my heaviest? I have a wee bit of hope since I am young, that I am loosing the weight slowly and since I am getting rid of the weight sooner rather than later. But the other part of me knows I had hit the morbidly obese mark and am aware of how many stretch marks I have... stretch marks fade but they will always be a scar of stretched skin that cannot shrink back. Where is the point of no return for our skin? Most videos I have watched with this loose skin issue- the people reached over 300 lbs... but I am short so I have to take in account that I don't have as much wiggle room... proportionally... where did I land compared to them?
I wish my Aunt would have never brought this to my attention! I feel like maybe I shouldn't loose as much as I had originally planned... is some pudge better than skin hanging all over? I feel like I would be happier looking how I look now than the alternative.

UGH! HELP... I know ultimately I won't know until I get there. I just want to know-- is there anyone out there like me... that has been through this- that can share their story so I can have an idea of what to expect.