So, I am quite giddy about my first bet, I can't wait for the start! I am already trying to snack less and making healthier choices. No beter time to start than the present, right :)?

I am busy moving so and I am flying to my new home for the next 8 months on Wednesday. In the meantime I have a lot of 'goodbye' diners and drinks... It's going to be kind of be difficult to make healthy choices. My new gym membership will probably only strart around Tuesday next week, so already 10 days in to the first round... I hope really I will still be able to make the first round without gym classes. 

I really hope to find some support and motivation from the other participants and finding some like minded people who are trying to lose weight the healthy way. The last few weeks I have been depressed and haven't been to the gym or eating healthy for that matter. So the move and the start of the bet is kind of my new start :).

I must admit I am kind off thinking about joining the Jeff Nichols Biggest Loser bet but due to my move and the holidays I am not sure if I will able to make 4%. The first round of the Transformer bet the goal is around 3.6 kg*, which is doable with the holiday/no-gym if I am really serious and carefull about it. Yet 4.8 kg* seems quite a lot when 1/3 of the time is spend without a gym and jetlagged in a new country with all kinds of new food and stuff...

There are still 2 days to think about it so... And if I doesn't join I think trying to join another Transformer during the 3th month of this one or a Kickstarter during the second maybe a good idea to keep the percentage of lost kg and the motivation up! But I still have to find a kickstarter bet group with enough players, a good starting date and the right bet amount, although that is a worry for the future;).

Oké,this is it for now. Next blog probably on Sunday after the first weight-in! 




* I haven't weighted myself since like 5 months? So I have no idea how much I excactly weigh so it's an estimate but the explanation still stands ;).