Ready, set, bet! Day One...

Kelsey D.

12/02/2014 7:24AM
I have been working out at the gym since September. It nearly killed me the first few weeks. Everyone would say "it will get easier". It has not gotten easier. My lungs are still on fire every single day. My legs feel like jello. But.. I keep going. I am realizing I will never be one of those people who loves to work out. I do it because I need to. I do feel better after I do it. And I even look forward to doing it most days. But I will never like it.

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I think that may be me as well. I loved to dance when I was younger and even though I was tired, I was exhilarated. Now that I'm taking a break from dancing, I'm doing other workouts and they feel so different for some reason. I'm hoping that someday I will genuinely enjoy the tough stuff, but it's definitely going to take some work. I'm really glad to hear that it's not just me...for a minute I thought maybe I needed to go to the doctor! LOL

Amy G.

For me, it's not about feeling great DURING the workout. It stinks. It really does. It's not until after I take a shower that I start to feel better (regardless of the fact that my legs are jello and I can hardly walk). I have noticed that I feel better physically and emotionally AFTER my workout is complete.

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