In my third and final blog post leading up to the New Year, I wanted to simplify things. I have talked about all the resolutions I have and how I plan to break them down. But I haven't addressed I guess what you could call an overall "theme" for the New Year.

Mine is very straightforward. I want to be Healthy and Wealthy. Amongst all of my goals, this is what it breaks down to. I want to save more money, pay off debt, eat better, and lose weight.

One thing I am adding to my explanation of how I plan to eat: I will not be strictly paleo/whole foods/organic. I found a term last night by Stacy Makes Cents that fits my goal in eating healthy: poorganic. According to Stacy, this is what it means:

Eating Poorganic for us means: we seek to eat good, local food when we can – living within our food budget – not always seeking out organic, but choosing nourishing foods even if that means I shop at Kroger and buy conventional lettuce. And we try to keep our sanity intact, which means we buy some foods pre-made instead of spending our entire lives in the kitchen.

I do plan on making soup and bone broth on Sundays, and cutting out processed foods, caffeine, sugar, and both gluten and dairy for the first 30 days. In February, I will gradually re-add gluten, then in two weeks after that, add in dairy.

But I'm not perfect, nor do I expect myself to be! I know there will be temptations - many of which I hope to resist, but some of which I know I won't. It will be easy to avoid soda, coffee, and most processed meals. It won't be easy to avoid pasta and cheese.

I found a picture today that I plan to send home so they know what to expect, too. It just breaks down what I will and won't be eating.

I can't paste, so here is the break down --

Eat:: Meat, Poultry, Fish; Eggs; Vegetables; Fruit; Fermented foods; Healthy Fats; Spices & Herbs; Nuts & Seeds; Natural Sweeteners

Avoid:: Grains; Legumes; Dairy; Vegetable and Industrial seed oils; Processed & Artificial Sweeteners; Processed food; Preservatives and Additives

To be clear on processed foods - for me I cannot yet cut out canned soups. I won't eat ramen or anything, but I don't get money for food until the 7th of January and cannot survive on the 4 apples I have in my pantry. Plus, I have a TON of canned soups.

On caffeine: I plan on cutting out non-organic (and fair trade) coffee and soda. I will still be drinking some tea though!

Lastly, I want to start oil pulling. I find the practice curious, but weird. We'll see how I feel once I start!

To all those doing Heidi & Chris' challenge - see you Monday with a weigh-in!!

To those doing Courtney's challenge - we have a week yet to plan, what's your approach?