My last blog post was about my weight going up and me not getting discouraged.  Well, I have found that my weight has been fluctuating between 2 weights roughly since a couple days after I signed up for the first DB of January that I joined.  


My lowest weigh out in December or the beginning of January from December's DBs was right on the money at my lowest goal weight for those DB's of 170.5.  The first one I weighed in for this month I weighed 169.7.  Since then I have weighed in for 2 more with a weigh-in of 170.6.  I have another weigh-in to do this weekend.  However, each day when I check my weight when I get up, it is either 171.3 or 170.6.  


Now some people seem to think that 1,000 calorie deficit is too much (but it's simple math dictating this people if I need to lose now almost 8 pounds by the end of the DB's I have to have a loss of 2 pounds a week or 7,000 calorie deficit for the week).  I seem to be burning a litlte bit more, so I am actually eating more this month than I did last month.  


I met all of my DB goals eating between 750 and 950 calories a day almost every day.  Occasionally, I would eat around 1000-1100 but not often and on those days I would have a gain the next day on the scale instead of a loss.  My calorie burn last month was usually around 1900-2100 according to my fitbit which adds in the basal metabolic rate for someone my height and weight. 


So far this week, I have been burning a few more calories even having a couple days showing 2300-2400.  I am eating around 1000-1300.  And my weight is stuck.  I am not trying to be rude or complain, but to all of you people who say I have to eat more; while that may work for you, it obvioiusly does not work for me.


I have Rheumatoid Artirits, Endometriosis, and have been in a severely bad car accident 11.5 years ago in which I had a severe liver laceration, both of my lungs collapsed, I had an aoritic tear, I had brain contusions, and I had 7 fractured ribs and a fractured shoulder.  I get rundown/sick often.  My body does not work like a normal body anymore.  I take medications for my RA that I'm sure alters my metabolism a little bit.  My body does not work like everyone else's.  


Dieting and exercise and weight loss is not a cookie cutter experience.  I really love DB and it's plethora of support and encouragement.  I love being able to check in and post what is going on with me, to get it off my chest and move on and look at tomorrow as a new day.  I like how DB is causing me to try new things and make adjustments and changes when my weight gets stuck like this.  In the past with all the times I have tried changing my habits since I gained weight a couple of years after my car accident (I didn't gain weight until abouta  year after my physical therapy stopped that lasted a year).  


Through DB I have finally learned that yes, the walking with my fitbit is important, but it's not the only thing I need.  I have found I lose the most weight when I do Yoga with one of my Yoga apps or any number of videos from various sources.  The next best thing is using my AeroPilates Reformer.  Lastly, my Sit 'N Cycle stationary bike does help some, but it's about equal to the walking or just a little better.  


I have been extremely tired and run-down feeling this week.  I am getting the RA pain in my ribs/chest I tend to get when it gets this cold at this time of the year.  I think when my RA is flaring up like this, it slows my metabolism down and makes me just feel chronically fatigued.  However, I have been fighting through it this time.  I have my fitbit step goal set to 5,500 a day which I have no done 15 days in a row but I have actually gotten over 10,000 3 days this week.  On Wednesday ngiht, I rode my Sit 'N Cycle for 30 minutes.  Thursday night, I completed week 1 day 1 of my c25k app by alternating walking and jogging in my kitchen.  also Thursday night/Friday morning, from 12:45 AM to 1:15 AM, I used my AeroPilates Reformer for 30 minutes.  


I am pleased with the amount of exericse I have been trying to get this week.  In addition to my weight being stuck and feeling like a giant is gripping me around the ribcage trying to squeeze the life out of me, I have been finding it in myself somehow to keep moving.  I haven't done any Yoga yet this week, but I will get at least 30 minutes of it in before 11:59 PM Sunday.  I like to save the Yoga for the weekends a lot of times.  It gives me the time to get away from my family being home and the loud TV downstairs to just come to my room and shut the door and relax and stretch and exercise.